The Scope is a new type of technology and innovation news portal. The idea behind The Scope is to use the power of self-learning technologies, advanced computing power, and human creativity to gain insights into technology and innovation topics worldwide.

The Scope is run and powered by Mergeflow, an analytics software company based in Munich, Germany. Mergeflow operates an innovation analytics platform that helps global technology leaders create and prevent strategic surprise. Large technology organizations and investors worldwide use Mergeflow to discover products, research, patents, start-ups, and experts associated with emerging, innovative technologies.

Currently, contents of The Scope are all written by analysts and engineers at Mergeflow who use their software and their creativity to explore topics they find interesting, unusual, surprising, or all of the above.

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If you would like to contribute, are interested in any particular topic, or simply would like to ask a few questions, we are always happy to hear from you!

You can reach us via email at info@mergeflow.com.

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