Case study: Innovation Leader’s ‘Technologies Worth Watching’

Recently, the information service Innovation Leader published the results of a field study, “Collective intelligence: Trends and technologies worth watching”

The study asked fifteen executives which technologies they think will increase in importance over the next five years. Among the results of the study was a list of technologies the executives deemed worth watching.

We used our innovation analytics platform to analyze the topics in Innovation Leader’s list. We compared the size and growth of each topic across a range of different signals, which Mergeflow automatically extracts from data on the web and other sources. The signals range from R&D to business to finance. Here are Innovation Leader’s technologies in our topic matrix, plotting size (share) of a technology against its growth:

Curious? In order to read the full case study as a PDF, please click here.

Businessman doing paperwork in office
Businessman doing paperwork in office with laptop, clipboard and other items on desktop. Window with New York city view in the background. 3D Rendering