Smart grid software

What companies are working on smart grid software? For this article, we first wanted to know what companies are working on smart grid software. Smart grids use advanced metering, energy production and distribution methods in order to adapt to changes in energy demand or production. Smart grids heavily depend on (new) software solutions, for instance for…

  • energy management
  • consumer information
  • demand response
  • asset management
  • SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)
  • distribution management
  • GIS (geographical information systems)
  • DMS (distribution management system)

So we simply searched for “smart grid” and any of the terms above, and let mergeflow identify companies in this context.  We displayed the results as an interactive heatmap matrix (please click on the screenshot in order to see a full size version):



What investors are active in this field?

We applied the same logics, i.e. used the same filters, but then switched to “investors” rather than “companies”:


Like the company names, mergeflow identified the investor names for the matrix above.