Internet of things: venture fundings

From the contents of world wide news on investor activities (mostly venture capital and private equity), mergeflow extracts names of funded companies and the funding amounts.  These data can be displayed in funding charts.  Funding charts in mergeflow map funding events in time (yes, mergeflow takes care of redundancy — it recognizes if there are multiple news on the same funding event and maps them together).  In order to generate these data, mergeflow also has some plausibility checks in place (in case somebody writing an article confuses “millions” with “billions”, for instance, which we have seen occasionally).

For any search query in mergeflow, you can see a funding chart by clicking on a button (the “dollar” symbol in the screenshot below) — provided of course that there are venture fundings for your query.  For this article, we used “internet of things” (or IoT) as an example query.


Here is the result:


Next, we looked at what some of these companies do; we focused on the companies that raised the most money (red underlines in the screenshot above):

Zuora is a payment systems company; the other companies focus on connectivity for IoT and analytics.  In our opinion, the focus on connectivity in particular may have strategic impact on established industry companies such as ABB, Cisco, GE, Schneider or Siemens.  Will they own the data in the internet of things, or will it be companies such as Sigfox (who globally connect devices via radio technology) or MuleSoft (who integrate data sources and applications)?  Or will established players and one of these newer companies collaborate in some way?

We then narrowed down our search to the summer of 2015 (this is indicated by the grey area in the little zooming panel below the actual funding chart):


Next we wanted to know what technologies are behind these companies.  So we switched our tag cloud to a “technology terms tag cloud” (i.e. technology terms identified by mergeflow in our context):


Now we zoomed in on “machine learning” by clicking on the phrase in the tag cloud shown above.  We then changed our tag cloud to show us investor names identified by mergeflow:

So now we have zoomed in on investor names of IoT companies associated with machine learning (and all of this for the summer of 2015 only).  Of course, we can still see our funding chart — in our search space, Mixpanel clearly is the company that has received the most funding ($65 Mio according to our chart).  Andreessen Horowitz is an investor there.

Now for our next goal: being able to spell Andreessen Horowitz correctly without having to look it up each time… We will let you know how this goes in a future blog post.