Investor-university networks: comparing Technion and TU Munich

Investor-university networks: how does the investor network associated with Technion compare to the investor network associated with the Technical University Munich? One often hears that investors (venture capitalists) are more active in Israel than in Germany.  We wanted to see this difference in a concrete example.

So we selected two universities: Technion for Israel; TU Munich for Germany.  We then looked at the investor network that mergeflow generated for each university.  In order to make a fair comparison, we searched for all possible name variations of TU Munich (“Technical University of Munich”, “TU München”, etc.).  For Technion, at least to our knowledge, there are no synonyms.

Screenshots of the resulting investor networks can be seen below. Links between investors usually indicate that there were co-investments at some point.

TU Munich



















Comparing these two networks, we garnered two preliminary insights:

* Technion’s investor network is clearly bigger than the one of TU Munich.
* Looking at the names of investors associated with Technion suggests that Technion’s network is not only bigger but more internationally distributed.

Of course, it is always possible that we missed something (i.e. did not find all investors). However, we think that our analytics do not selectively find more information for Technion than for TU Munich.  So we think this difference is at least somewhat real.

As another small caveat, we we did not consider Hebrew documents here which may have skewed results against Techion, simply because we used fewer documents for Technion than for TU Munich. Taking this into account, Technion’s investor network might be even larger.